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Apr 20 2021

Delayed Delivery to the UK

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Dear Customer!
We are sorry that the delivery service from our online store has not been up to par lately. That is unusual and not the standard that we aim to provide for our customers.
Our state-of-the-art European logistics centre situated in the heart of Europe allows for our usually quick delivery times across different countries.
Now that the UK left the EU, new implications for our customers arose due to that. You might be already aware that there is no duty on orders. However, for every order above a particular value, custom authorities are billing a handling fee of 50£ to 90£. Because we do not want to bill any of those fees to our customers, we worked hard to create a preliminary solution to avoid that. Unfortunately, this temporary workflow is now affecting our delivery times.
Please let us explain:
To be able to handle all the customs paperwork and import fees for our customers the best way possible, we had to decide to collect all orders and bulk ship them once a week (every Tuesday morning).
All orders made via our online Shop after Tuesdays, noon will therefore be collected till the following Tuesday.
Once the bulk shipment has left our facilities, custom clearance, which is heavily affected by the staffing shortage of the authorities, and the delivery to the UK will take up to five business days.
The UPS Tracking ID of your order will show updates as soon as the package is, cleared from customs, scanned by UPS UK and ready for delivery. So while you see no update on your UPS tracking, your order is already on the way or even in the UK but not yet fully processed by the customs authorities.
This why after careful calculation we are sorry to tell you, that for deliveries to the UK, two to three weeks delivery time should be expected.
Please accept our humble apologies, as we are working hard with the authorities and carriers to speed up this process. In the meantime please do reach out to our support team via a ticket, should any additional questions arise considering your order. They will try to help as soon as possible.

With best regards and stay healthy
 Your Eleonto Team